Questions and answers

About your card

How do I activate my new Eurocard?

You can activate your card in the Eurocard app or via My Eurocard. Once you have activated your card, you are ready to use it online.

It is possible to add the card to Apple Pay/Samsung Pay without activating the card.

You can also activate your card by making a purchase using the chip and PIN code. This will also activate the contactless function.

My card will expire soon, what should I do?

You will find the expiry date of your card below the card number. The first two digits indicate the month and the two last digits indicate the year of expiry. The card is valid for the entire month stated on the card.

A new card will be issued automatically and will be received during the month stated on your card. The PIN will remain the same.

Remember that you must activate your new card.

Where is my Eurocard accepted?

Eurocard is part of the Mastercard network. This means that your card is welcomed anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

What is Mastercard Identity Check?

Mastercard Identity Check is a global security service which many online retailers use for making online payments more secure. When shopping online, you must approve your purchase via the Eurocard app.

Which digital wallets does Eurocard support?

You can add your Eurocard to the following wallets:

  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Fidesmo Pay
  • Garmin Pay
  • Mi Pay
  • SwatchPAY!
What is my credit limit on the card?

Eurocard is an unlimited card. However, it is possible that your company has set a spending limit on your card. This limit is always calculated for a running 30-day period and is not always reflected in your balance.

If you need to change or gain more information on the limits set by your company, we refer you to the administrator within your company.

How do I cancel my card?

In order to cancel your card, you must contact your administrator within the company and ask them to cancel the card.

If your administrator is not able to help, you are welcome to send us a secure message after logging into the Eurocard app or in My Eurocard.

How do I approve an online purchase?

You can easily approve online purchases in the Eurocard app.

Once you have entered the payment information on the website and are asked to approve the purchase, then you:

  1. Log into the app
  2. Confirm the purchase
  3. Go back to the merchant's website to complete the purchase

You can log into the app using your customer ID and a one-time password. After the first log in you can change the option to biometric log in, meaning you can log in with Face ID or Touch ID to easily approve online purchases in the future.

Where can I view my PIN?

It is not possible to view your PIN online.

If you do not remember your PIN you must contact your administrator or Customer Services. 

My PIN code is locked. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your PIN or you need to reset incorrect attempts, you do not need to order a new card. Instead you can contact our Customer Service by sending a secure message from the Eurocard app or My Eurocard.

Please note that for security reasons we will not be able to inform you of your PIN code, however, we can order a reprint of your PIN code to be sent to your home address or we can reset the incorrect PIN attempts.

Why is the Eurocard app important?

You will need the Eurocard app in order to maximise the benefits of your card.

The app is needed in order to approve online purchases.

As well as this you will also be able to track your spending, see transactions for the past 36 months and update your personal information.

You can download the app here.

What is a customer ID and where can I find it?

Your customer ID is your personal identification and is a 7-digit number.

You need this number in order to log into the Eurocard app or My Eurocard.

It has been sent to you in a letter when the account was initially created. If you have not received the number or have lost it please contact your administrator within your company. If the administrator is not able to help, please feel free to call our Customer Service and they will assist you.

How do I update my personal information?

You are able to update your mobile number and email by yourself, either in the Eurocard app or in My Eurocard.

If you need to update your address or name you will need to send a secure message to our Customer Service with the updated information.


How can I view my invoices?

You can view your invoice history, payment information, and payment status in the Eurocard app and via My Eurocard. Invoices for the past 12 months are available.

If the company has opted for centralized billing, meaning that all cardholder purchases are consolidated on one invoice, you will not be able to see your invoices, they are sent directly to the company.

When will I receive my invoice?

Eurocard has a number of different billing cycles depending on the payment terms selected by your company. Please contact the administrator within your company or Customer Service to find out about your cut-off date.

If your administrator is not able to help, please send us a secure message from the Eurocard app.

Where can I see the receipts for my purchases?

All of your receipts for purchases are saved by the merchant, but not by Eurocard. However, it is possible for you to take a picture of your receipt in the app, in order to store it for later use.

Please note that the pictures of your receipts are not automatically sent to your company, they are only visible to you, but can be forwarded from the app.

How do I pay my invoice?

The information needed to make a payment to your account is listed on your invoice. You will find both Iban and Swift, as well as the reference number needed for the payment.

Please note that if you are paying in GBP you will find the sorting code and account number at the bottom of your invoice. Payment reference is at the top.

Always remember the payment reference when paying your invoice.


Can my invoices be set up for automatic payment?

If you are invoiced in EUR you have the option of signing up for SEPA Direct Debit. This is a European payment service and for this reason only available in the Eurozone.

You can read more about SEPA Direct Debit here

Please note that you must pay invoices manually until you see the automatic withdrawel from your bank account. We cannot draw payment for past invoices, only invoices issued after the agreement has been set up.

Block card & dispute

Unauthorised purchases or withdrawals have been made with my card, what should I do?

If you discover an unauthorized transaction it is important that you block your card immediately.

Remember to file a police report if your card has been stolen or lost and attach a copy to your dispute case.

Once you have submitted your dispute, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a reference number. It is important that you save the reference number if you need to contact us regarding your dispute.

Please find the cardholder dispute form here

I have a place of purchase in my account statement that I do not recognise, but I recognise the amount. How can that be?

We display the information we receive from the merchant. If you do not recognise an item on your invoice, the reason may be that the store belongs to a larger group or another geographical region. You should therefore always save your receipts to compare these against any amounts on your invoice.

If you feel uncertain, please contact us. If you are caertain that a transaction is unauthorised, please block your card and file a cardholder dispute form.

I have been charged twice for an amount, what should I do?

If you have been charged twice for a service or goods, we ask that you first contact the merchant.

If you do not receive any help from the merchant, you are welcome to dispute the transaction. Your dispute should contain information on who you have contacted, how this contact was made and what the result of this contact was.

Please attach any documentation of the communication with the company, such as e-mails and the contract.

Please find the cardholder dispute form here

How do I make a dispute over a transaction?


How does Eurocard work with safety?

It is important to us that you feel secure when you use your card. Everyday, millions of card transactions take place in stores and online. It is very rare for anything to go wrong or for a customer to be subject to fraud.

But if something should happen, you should know that as a Eurocard customer, you are always protected against financial losses – as long as you have not been careless with your card.

Eurocard constantly strives to maintain high security. We do this by monitoring abnormal transactions around the clock. We have extensive experience and excellent procedures in place to manage suspected card fraud, and we take swift action to minimise the damage.

What do I do if I lose my card?

If your card is lost, you should block it as soon as possible. Our card blocking service operates 24/7 and can be reched on +46 8 14 68 28.

If you notice that your card has been used to make unauthorized purchases or cash withdrawals, whilst lost you must also file a police report. Please attach the police report to the dispute form.

Please find the cardholder dispute form here