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Our corporate solutions help your company – and every individual in your organisation – carry out payments safely, efficiently and conveniently.

If your company has subsidiaries in other countries that use different cards and travel agencies than the parent company, it can get expensive.


  • Equal terms and conditions for all employees, regardless of country
  • Cost-effective processes and electronic transfer of card transactions to your expense management system
  • Easier to unify purchases and procurement of e.g. travel agency agreements
  • Global Data Manager provides statistics regarding your entire business, which makes it easier to centralize your travel administration

The terms and conditions applied to employees in different countries may vary, and the company may have to negotiate with several suppliers. Furthermore, the expense management and accounting systems used in different countries may differ from each other.

Eurocard are able to offer payment solutions in the following countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) – all payment and account transactions end up in the same system. This also applies to our travel account, if your company has centralized its travel agency purchases at a Nordic travel agency.

In addition, we offer you extensive statistics based on your needs – summarized or split up.

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