Travel Account

All purchases gathered on one invoice, means full control of costs, simplifying the administration of the company's purchases through the travel agency.

All travel related purchases are gathered on a single invoice, sent to your company once a month. It provides efficient administration and interest-free credit.

Our Travel Account is available in two versions:

Travel Account standard
  • All employees' travels are charged to a single travel account. No travel expenses are charged to business cards.
  • All travel expenses are collected on one invoice, meaning less administration and fewer invoices.
  • All costs are gathered each calendar month, and billed the following month. That gives the company up to 40 days of interest-free credit.
Extended Travel Account

For larger companies we can offer an expanded solution that, in addition to the above, also provides these benefits:

  • Billing is tailored to company’s needs, and travel accounts can be customized to all travel expense systems and to all financial systems.
  • The option to add information on e.g. project, department or merchant, enables the company to have their invoices tailored to their specific needs.
We will help you to
  • Create new accounts
  • Customize invoices tailored to your accounting procedures
  • Attain statistics of all purchases
  • Link your travel account to another travel agency

Terms and prices
Travel Account Terms and Conditions(pdf)

The Travel Account is available in co-operation with Diners Club, Nordic.