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Through the statistics tools you will get fast, efficient and actual overview of the company's expenses for travel and purchases. The overview can further be specified into a number of pre-defined merchant categories, like hotel, airline and car rental.

Having the latest statistics can give you leverage when negotiating with suppliers. Most importantly, you can receive significant discounts from key suppliers (according to studies, 15–20% savings can be achieved on prices for flights, hotels and car rental).

On average, only 64% of purchases are made with suppliers that companies have discount agreements with. The statistics also make it easier for your company to create budgets and monitor costs more efficiently.

The statistics include both cards, travel account, purchasing account and single account, and you can for instance define the statistics based on supplier, place or time.

You can also specify how you want your figures presented: as tables, graphs or diagrams in various formats.

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Take complete control of your company’s costs

Statistics is an online tool that provides a snapshot of your company’s expenses in connection with travel and purchases.

You will derive major benefits from the statistics when monitoring compliance with your travel and purchasing policies and preparing for supplier negotiations. It is also an excellent tool for budgeting.

You will quickly and easily find answers to your queries regarding the company’s costs; all you need to do is to log into your own page. You will find statistics for your cards and your travel account, and they can be specified based on supplier, location, time period and mode of transport. Your statistics are available as tables, graphs or diagrams in various formats.


Tools for global control and cost savings

Global Data Manager is an online statistics tool especially designed for companies with global operations.

It provides a comprehensive view and better control of your company’s purchases and card use on the local, regional and international levels.

But Global Data Manager can do even more – it can help you identify cost savings. Use it to follow-up on your travel and purchasing policies and prepare for supplier negotiations, or to provide the management with key information to support their decisions.

All you need is a password and an Internet connection. You will then have access to invaluable statistics whenever you need them, regardless of where you are in the world.