Single-Use Account

Eurocard Single-Use Account enables online purchasing with single-use virtual card numbers, and easy reconciliation of the invoice with reference data.

Want to make your corporate purchases both simpler and smarter? By generating single-use card numbers with extended data for every transaction, and the possibility to link payments to purchases, administration is considerably simplified. By fully specifying for what and by who the card number is valid, you get full control over your expenses, with less errors and increased security. All this in a virtual solution that doesn’t require any physical card.


  • Fully virtual – no physical card
  • New card numbers generated for every transaction
  • Increased reference data on each purchase which enables higher level of automation and less manual paperwork
  • Simple account administration through the online administration tool
  • Increased security and control when each card number is only used once
  • Works with all online vendors that accept Mastercard
  • The payment term of the invoice is always at least 10 days

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