Purchasing Account

The Eurocard Purchasing Account is a flexible and secure way to manage all online purchases.

Does your company often have a need to buy office supplies, online ads or make other non-strategic purchases? With a Eurocard Purchasing Account your employees doesn’t need to use their own cards, and at the same time your company gets a single invoice for all purchases, regardless of how many employees that use the account for purchases. The invoice can also be sent directly into the company's accounting system.


  • No physical cards to keep track of
  • Several purchasing accounts for different departments or units
  • Better overview with one complete invoice
  • Airplane tickets include itinerary information of the passengers
  • Works with all online vendors that accept Mastercard
  • No spending limit

Generous payment terms and interest-free credit Purchasing account is flexible and that goes for payments too. Choose in your application what payment terms you wish to have on your invoice.

Terms and prices