Information on new terms and conditions

New legislations affect the terms and conditions for our cards, as well as processing of personal data.

New regulations on payment services

Due to new EU legislation PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) there have been changes to the regulations regarding payment services. This means that we have updated our Terms and Conditions accordingly. New terms and conditions will apply from 1 May 2018.

The main changes to the terms and conditions:

Unauthorised transactions
The deductibility for unauthorised use of the card is reduced from SEK 1 200 to SEK 400 (or in selected currency). If your company has reported an unauthorised transaction we will conduct an investigation and pay back the unauthorised transaction amount as soon as possible. In some cases we will pay out the full amount even though our investigation is not yet completed. Should the investigation show that your company was not in fact entitled to compensation, we have the right to withdraw the amount from the company account.

Security risks
We have added information on how we will inform you in the event of unauthorised use of cards and safety risks. Please note that we never ask for personal codes, passwords or other information concerning your card when we contact you.

The handling of your card and protection of personal code
Due to technological progress and changing conditions, we have updated the rules on how cardholders should use and protect their cards. Keep in mind that if the cardholder has stored card information on a mobile device, like a smart phone or tablet, it is important to keep the device safe. If the phone or tablet is lost or accessed by an unauthorised person, your company or the cardholder must block the card. We have also updated the rules regarding the protection of personal codes following technical development. The terms and conditions is also updated with some new definitions such as "personalised security credentials”.

Account information services
We have added regulations to our terms and conditions, regarding account information services from third-party providers. An account information service is a service where your company can receive information on accounts in one or several banks, compiled for example in a mobile app.

Account information services can be provided by other payment service providers than banks (further mentioned as third-party providers). By using this kind of service your company enters an agreement with, or gives an assignment to, the third-party provider. Once your company has accepted the services we will share your company’s account information with the third-party provider – and at that point we no longer are responsible for, or in control over, how this information is processed. According to the new regulations on payment services, the third-party provider needs to be registered with, or have the authorisation of Finansinspektionen (FSA) or corresponding authority within the EU/EEA to be able to provide this type of services.

New regulations concerning your personal data
On 25 May 2018 the new EU-regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), will come into force. It will determine how personal data can be processed with a focus on a reinforced protection of personal integrity. Therefore we are now updating our terms and conditions. Among other things we clarify responsibilities between us and your company. We also clarify your company’s obligation to inform your cardholders on how their personal data is processed. The new Terms and Conditions will apply from 1 May 2018.

Please find more information here: Personal data

New Terms and Conditions for: Eurocard Gold Eurocard Single-Use Account and Eurocard Purchasing Account